Educational Apps for Kids




Are you still struggling to ensure that your child does not fall behind and forget those times tables or lose vocabulary? Here are a few fun tools which mayhelp.

BBC Bitesize
Bitesize is based on the UK national curriculum and organised by age group and subject matter. You can access it on a pc or on apple or android so handy if your child want to dip in and out on their phone.

The Maths Factor
Created by Carol Vorderman there is usually a small monthly charge but it’s free to use while schools are closed for the coronavirus crisis. It’s aimed at children aged 4 – 12 years and follows the UK national curriculum. It uses daily sessions, fun games and achievable targets to motivate kids to learn maths.

The Khan Academy
Although it’s US-based, much of the science and maths material applies to the UK national curriculum. It’s a non-profit organisation which aims to give a top education free of charge to anyone in the world. The quality of videos and content is high and it’s best suited to older children.

Duolingo is a fun to use free website (though there are some ads) which offers courses in a number of languages including Spanish, French, German and Italian. It uses games and rewards to help you move through levels in a way which will appeal to gaming youngsters.

Quizlet is a very widely used revision tool which allows you to learn in an appealingly simple to way using virtual flashcards. You can create your own online flashcards or use some of the many already created sets on a huge range of topics. Your kids will be still be using Quizlet when this crisis is over and they are back at tests and exams.