20 Delicious and Healthy Lunch Box Ideas for Kids That Aren’t Sandwiches!

20 Delicious and Healthy Lunch Box Ideas for Kids That Aren’t Sandwiches!

CheshireKids – Kid’s everywhere are heading back to school over the next week or so and if things aren’t busy enough it’s not easy to plan a school packed lunch if you have a kid who hates to eat sandwiches.  I have 2 kids that will be fine with most sandwiches and your typical lunchbox staples but our youngest is the challenge.  We found a great site for the young eater like our youngest – lots of great ideas:

Salmon, Cream Cheese & Spinach Pinwheels

Really easy to make and packed with nutritious ingredients, these Salmon Pinwheels make an excellent lunch for kids either at home or packed into a lunchbox!

Noodle & Veggie Frittatas

These little frittatas are a lunchbox hit!  Enjoy them cold in the lunchbox or hot as an easy dinner, whatever way you eat them, these noodle and veggie frittatas are super yummy and so easy to make!  These are perfect for upping your lunchbox game and making something fun and different that the kids will love.

Pizza Lunchbox Muffins

Easy one-bowl Savoury Pizza Muffins, perfect for the kids’ lunch boxes or as an afternoon snack! These lunchbox muffins are so easy to make, all the ingredients are mixed together in one bowl and then baked in a muffin tin in the oven. 

5 Ingredient Eggy Quinoa Cups

5 ingredient eggy quinoa cups are perfect for the lunchbox! If your kids aren’t fans of quinoa, this might be a good starter recipe, as it is absorbed by the eggs and the flavour of the cheese, just making them a little crunchier than quiche.

Macaroni Cheese Lunchbox Muffins

These Mac n Cheese Muffins (with peas!) are the perfect addition to a kids’ lunchbox. This is pretty much just a classic Mac n Cheese recipe with peas added for a few extra nutrients!

Pizza Pasta Salad

A delicious and super easy pizza flavoured pasta salad recipe. Ready in less than 15 minutes and perfect for lunch boxes, picnics and BBQ’s this summer!

Cucumber Sushi For Kids

This cucumber sushi for kids recipe is seaweed free, easy to make and so far kid approved. 

Tomato Frittata Fingers

These frittata fingers are packed, not only with cherry tomatoes, but also peas and peppers. Eggs are a really nutritious source of protein, making a healthy and delicious lunch. If you want to make these frittata fingers ahead of time, they can be cooled and then kept covered in the fridge for up to 2 days.

Zucchini Picnic Muffins

These muffins are gluten-free, but nice and filling and great for fuelling small tummies for breakfast, lunch and in the lunchbox! They freeze and defrost well.

Veggie Pizza Puff Pastry Roll Ups

Super easy to make and packed with mixed vegetables, these Veggie Pizza Puff Pastry Roll Ups are sure to go down a treat. These Pizza Roll Ups are absolutely delicious eaten still warm but they also taste great the next day too and make the perfect lunchbox treat!

Wholemeal Yoghurt Dough Scrolls – Cheese & Leek

Wholemeal yoghurt dough requires 2 ingredients, yep, that’s it, 2 ingredients, self-raising wholemeal flour and greek yoghurt. Then the filling has 2 ingredients, meaning you only need 4 ingredients to make these cheese and leek wholemeal yoghurt dough scrolls.

Avocado & Strawberry Macaroni Pasta Salad

A delicious combination of avocado and strawberry makes this macaroni salad recipe the perfect summer meal and great for kids! 

Salmon & Veggie Balls

All kids love food shaped liked balls.  Think about it, bliss balls, meatballs, they have kid appeal and these salmon and veggie balls are no different.  Combining some of our favourite flavours, they have major kid approval!  And, they go on skewers in the lunchbox, and we all know that food on a stick is a major winner for kids!

Melty Ham & Cheese Mini Wraps

These Ham & Cheese Wraps and folded up like mini burritos and dry fried quickly to make them melting on the inside but soft and warm on the outside. So delicious and perfect for lunch at home or a packed lunch at school!

Brown Rice Mini Pizzas

These are an upgrade from your usual mini pizza bases.  And they are easy to make and gluten free.  The brown rice mini pizzas also freeze well so they are perfect for back to school!  Top them how you like, knowing that the base is super healthy.

Cheesy Vegetable Muffins

Feel free to get creative!  This cheesy vegetable muffins recipe is versatile in that you can use whatever veggies you happen to have in the fridge at the time, so feel free to experiment with the ingredients to your own tastes and what you have on hand.

Lunch Box Spanish Omelette

Packed full of protein from eggs and cheese and with lots of added veggies, this nutritious lunch will help keep kids full all afternoon. Serve it with wholemeal bread or pitta bread for some slow release carbs and some raw veggie sticks on the side.

Quick & Easy Lunchbox Quiches

I think one of the best things about these Quick and Easy Lunchbox Quiches is that the flavours are adaptable. You can tailor them to what your child may like.

Hidden Veggie Sausage Rolls

Delicious kid friendly sausage rolls packed with carrot and courgette. Everyone will love these Hidden Veggie Sausage Rolls!

Spinach & Cheese Savoury Lunchbox Muffins

Delicious savoury muffins packed full of vegetables like spinach and peppers. As well as being super delicious, these savoury muffins are really easy to make. Everything can be mixed in one bowl by hand so there’s no special equipment required. 

Cheese & Broccoli Frittata Fingers

These muffins are tasty yet mild, perfect for little taste buds. I used broccoli and courgette / zucchini in my recipe but I often use other veg depending on what I have in my fridge. It’s also a great way to use up any leftover cooked veg that you have hanging round!

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